02:49 AM, Aug 17 GMT+

Feeling sad rn

Idk why tho, I have everything in my life

18:45 PM, Aug 08 GMT+

Plateform to "shop" sex worker

Internet is part of their business now and I believe it should be possible to create something nice. That wouldn’t be a service from A to Z with payment and "delivery" because people are not ready for this (privacy). What’s your opinion ? From reddit.

17:46 PM, Aug 08 GMT+

Ideas for camping food?

Going to camp next week, what are some good ideas for food for all meals?

17:26 PM, Aug 08 GMT+

Off to Jollibee

Thinking of the spicy burger with the peach and mango refresher. Chocolate and coconut sundae for afters.

16:21 PM, Aug 08 GMT+

Source Code?

Is this project FOSS?

13:10 PM, Aug 08 GMT+

Привет из реддита

Удачи с проектом. Не понимаю почему не запилили на отдельном домене?

11:35 AM, Aug 08 GMT+

What’s up everybody

How is it all going?

07:53 AM, Aug 08 GMT+